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Jacks Steam Punk, My First Signature Tutorial for PSP!

Jacks Steam Punk

This tutorial is © Mindless Scrap 2010. It may not be copied or reproduced in whole or in part without my written permission.

You will need:

• Paint Shop Pro. I used PSPX3, but you can make this tag in other versions. This tutorial assumes a basic working knowledge of PSP.

• A scrap kit. This tutorial uses a FTU scrap kit, from Vicky at the True Laggin Love blog called Steampunk Dreams and is available from her blog. (Released in July of 2010).

• A tube of choice. The tube I used is Steam Punk by Jeanna Jacks. You can purchase her art at Mistaken Art. I have a license to use this tube. Do not use this artwork unless you have a license to do so. Whatever tube you use, be sure to apply the artist’s copyright information.

• A mask. I used one by Designs by Vaybs, DBV Mask 09. You can find it here.

• An appropriate font. I used by Steampunk Font by hannarb. You can get it here.

• Plugin Mura's Seamless, Emboss At Alpha, and you can download that here.

• Plugin Alien Skin 5, Nature, Rust. This is PTU, so I can’t provide that.


• Install your plugin before beginning

• Put your mask in your masks folder.

• Install your font.

Now get creative with this! :) My tutorial is only a guideline.

Let’s Begin:

Open a new transparent image, 600 x 600. (We’ll resize later.) Flood fill with white.

Open paper 4, copy and close.
Paste as new layer
Load your mask DBV Mask 09, or your mask of choice.
Merge group.
Duplicate this layer.

Open frame 2, copy and close
Paste as new layer
Image, Free Rotate, Rotate Right 90 degrees.
Resize 80 percent.

Using your magic wand, click inside the frame. Selections, Modify, Expand by 20.

Open paper 5. Resize by 50 percent. Copy and close (don’t save). Paste as a new layer, hit delete. Selections, Select None.

Drop this paper below the frame layer.

Open the element Metal Plate Cover. Copy and close. Paste as a new layer. Position this layer below the paper layer.

Open the element Sprocket 4. Resize by 50%. Copy and paste as a new layer. Move to top of tag, positioned above the Metal Plate Cover layer.

Open the element Sprocket 3. Resize by 40%. Copy and close (don’t save changes). Paste as a new layer. Position in the top right corner, a bit lower than the metal plate cover.

Open your tube. Copy and paste. Resize as needed. (I resized by 80%). Apply a drop shadow of choice. I used 5, 5, 60, 10 black, but you can use whatever you think looks good with your tube. Duplicate your tube and move the copy below the frame.

Hide your original tube layer. Make your tube copy layer (below the frame) the active layer. Erase any parts of the tube that extend below the frame.

Make your original tube layer (above the frame) the active layer. Erase any parts of the tube that cover the bottom of the frame.

Open element Flower 1. Paste it above the frame layer, on the top right corner of the frame.

Open element Grunge Ribbon 1. Resize by 75%. Copy and close (don’t save). Paste as a new layer. Move it down so the loop of the ribbon is just below the lowest edge of the frame.

Open element Chain. Image, Rotate right. Resize by 70%. Copy and close, don’t save. Paste as a new layer. Move chain so that it hangs from the upper left corner of the frame. Duplicate the chain. Duplicate it again. Now apply Image, Free Rotate Left 5 degrees to one of the chains. Apply Image Free Rotate Right 5 degrees to a different chain. Move the two chains you have rotated down one link, and line them up so they look like they are hanging from the first loop. I erased bits of the chains to help with this.

Now shorten the chain that is all the way to the left so that it is only a couple links long. But make it so the last link is NOT an open loop. Shorten the other two chains as well, so they are a bit longer. My chains were 2, 4 and 5 links long. The furthest to the left was 2, the straight chain was 4, and the chain all the way to the right was 5 links long.

Open element Bolt Head. Resize to 30%, copy and close (don’t save). Paste as a new layer. Move to the center of the top loop so it looks like the chains are hanging from it.

Activate the layer with the shortest chain. Open element Key. Image, Rotate Right. Resize to 40%, copy and close (don’t save). Paste as a new layer and move over to the end of the chain furthest to the left. Move it below the last link, so that it looks like the link goes through the key.

Open element Heart 3. Resize by 50%. Copy and close (don’t save.) Paste as a new layer. Move it so that it lays under the last link of the middle chain.

Open element Heart. Resize by 80%, copy and close (don’t save). Paste as a new layer and move beneath the longest chain.

Open element Clock. Resize it by 35%, copy and close (don’t save). Paste as a new layer and move to the lower right corner of the frame.

Make the white background layer active. Selections, Select All. Image, Crop to Selection. (This will get rid of any chain bits that extended beyond the edges of the tag.

Image, Canvas Size. Width 600, Height 800. Click the arrow in center row, center square. (See below). Flood fill the layer with white.

Add a drop shadow to the elements. I used 3, 3, 60, 3, black. (Remember, you already drop shadowed your tubes.)

Add your artist copyright and your watermark.

Add your name across the bottom. I used font Steampunk Font by Hannarb, kerning -25, Leading -0.295, color 5f232a. Convert to Raster. Drop Shadow name, 2, 2, 80, 0, black. Effects Plugins, MuRa’s Seamless, Emboss at Alpha, use default settings except change the Emboss to 80.

Effects, Plugins, Alien Skin 5, Nature, Rust. Apply the following settings.

49.86, 40, 89. 0, 94. Set the color to c14807.

Apply another drop shadow. This time I used 3, 3, 70, 3 black.

Crop any excess border away from around your tag.

Resize all layers, make longest side 500 pixels.

Save as a jpg. (Or, if you want a transparent background, delete the white background layer and save it as a png.)

I would LOVE to see what you come up with! Please send me your tag and I'll post it here.

I hope you enjoyed my tut.

Tutorial by Mindless Scrap

Download the IM Stat HERE


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